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How To Style Graphic Tees: A Complete Guide in 2024

Tees are one of the major fashion items for ladies it is a very bold and classy representation of fashion and elegance, especially when paired with the right wear. Hence, knowing how to style graphic tees is important.

This is a very multi-versatile piece that can be worn on many things to help stand out amongst others.

Fashion is often about maintaining every detail when dressing up however, in this article, I will be discussing how to style a graphic tee.

Graphic tees as the name implies are a type of round neck top made from high-end cotton fabrics, it is very simple and classy wear that can be worn as a casual or business casual outfit.

These tees come in various colourful prints and designs that help make the skin stand out when going to places.

Fashion is more than just putting on anything it is being able to carry yourself well with everything you put on always.How To Style Graphic Tees

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How To Style Graphic Tees 2024

The term graphic tee is used to represent the colourful designs which are being made on the chest area of the top.

These can be in many types of designs that can be made like skulls, positive words, paintings, logos, etc.

Being fashionable entails so many things and one needs to be knowledgeable on how to match up their styles.

When understanding how to style a graphic tee there are many things to consider and this often depends on the choice of pants to wear underneath to have a blend of colours.

Tees are an essential addition to your wardrobe it generally constitutes over 60% of any person’s wardrobe either men or women.

Thus unisex wear likewise needs to be elevated when trying to come off as more fashionable and not always leaning towards the casual look.

For any lady, tees are a major piece of top style that can be worn in very versatile ways. How To Style Graphic Tees

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Being able to elegantly rock various styles and still stand out is very necessary for every fashion icon. Below are ways to rock your graphic tee this 2024:

1. Jeans

Jeans are one of the common ways to style graphic tees to come out looking outstanding and elegant when going out.

Various types of jeans go well with graphic tees some of which are a flare, mom jeans, skinny jeans, etc.

2. Palazzo

When looking for more comfy wear and a stylish chic look for any outing, a palazzo is one of the best options to go for.

Palazzo can also be worn as formal attire with the use of a heel. A white top and pants are the right combo.How To Style Graphic Tees

3. Shorts

For a perfect summer style, a pair of shorts is very sophisticated and ideal for any lady. Shorts are likewise of various types like denim, booty, linen, and printed shorts.

For ladies who like to show off their legs when wearing clothes, this is the right choice. often a boot, or sneakers for a casual look.How To Style Graphic Tees

4. Skirts

A skirt is a lower part of a skirt made as a fitted or loose-fitting style. It can also be of various lengths like midi, and mini micro mini skirts.

Skirts are a versatile style and make for a more feminine appearance. It is made of denim, cotton, and silk materials.How To Style Graphic Tees

5. Blazzer

In styling graphic tees, I find that draping a well-fitted or oversized blazer over a graphic tee perfectly balances professionalism with a laid-back vibe.

This fusion of business-meets-pleasure not only imparts structure to a relaxed tee but also exudes a chic aura.

If you’re aiming for an outfit that seamlessly conveys this duality, this is the perfect ensemble for you.

Photo Credit: Just Style Los Angeles

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How To Style Graphic Tees Streetwear

Streetwear is styles for some bold yet elegant look. Streetwear look ranges in a lot of styles and these can be done in many ways, especially with a graphic tee.

There are various ways whereby they can be combined some of which are pants, jeans, denim jackets, and skirts.

However, a street style is not complete without sneakers, boots, or heels to complement.How To Style Graphic Tees

How To Style Graphic Tees For Winter

The Winter season is known to be full of cold hence, the need to keep the body warm at all times is paramount to ensure a more comfy look when going out.

For winter seasons are often dominated by coats, jackets with long skirts or trousers and there are many ways to give a perfect combo with a graphic tee.

How To Style Graphic Tees Plus Size

Plus-size ladies at times, find it difficult to find clothing and likewise ways to combine it due to their stature.

However, a graphic tee comes in a wide range of sizes to help fit thin plus-size ladies.

One of the most important things to note for plus size is to look for their perfect size to help look smart and comported. How To Style Graphic Tees

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How to Style Graphic Tees: What You Shouldn’t Wear

Your graphic tee can be a versatile wardrobe piece, but to maintain a stylish look, steer clear of these fashion faux pas:

1. Overly Distressed Pants

When styling a graphic tee with overly distressed or ripped pants, it may contribute to a too-casual look. Balance the outfit by choosing bottoms with moderate distressing or a cleaner style.

2. Clashing Patterns

Be cautious when mixing patterns. Avoid wearing a graphic tee with bold patterns or prints that clash, as it can create visual chaos. Stick to solid colors or subtle patterns for other clothing items.

3. Inappropriate Footwear

Steer clear of mismatched footwear. Formal shoes or overly casual options may not complement the laid-back vibe of a graphic tee.

Choose shoes that suit the occasion, such as sneakers for a casual look or ankle boots for a slightly dressier ensemble.

4. Too Many Accessories

While accessories can enhance an outfit, don’t overdo it with too many pieces. Avoid excessive jewelry or accessories that compete with the graphic on your tee. Keep it simple and balanced.

5. Unflattering Outerwear

Be mindful of the outer layer you choose. Avoid bulky or unflattering jackets that might overpower the graphic tee.

Instead, opt for a well-fitted blazer or a stylish denim jacket to enhance the overall look.

6. Mismatched Style Vibes

Ensure that the rest of your outfit aligns with the overall style vibe of the graphic tee. For example, don’t pair a vintage-inspired tee with ultra-modern or formal pieces. Aim for a cohesive style throughout your ensemble.

7. Overly Tight Bottoms

While loose-fitting bottoms should be avoided, excessively tight or restrictive pants can also disrupt the balance. Find a middle ground to maintain comfort and style.

8. Visible Undergarments

Be mindful of undergarment visibility. Avoid bras or straps that peek through, as this can distract from the graphic on your tee. Choose undergarments that remain discreet.

How To Style Graphic Tees: Frequently Asked Questions

What Goes Well With Graphic Tee

There are lots of things that go well with a graphic tee a monochrome look is also something to always consider with a graphic tee this can be a pair of oversized blazers, jackets, baggy pants, and a good pair of shoes to match up the look.

How Do You Spice Up A Graphic Tee

Trying to elevate a cloth from simple to elegant is very important one should always first put into mind the colour choices.

Like a tee with bold coloured skirts or pants. A graphic tee striped skirt and blazer for a chic look, a graphic tee, denim shorts, and sneakers for a casual style.

Should Graphic Tees Be Oversized

No, graphic tees should not always be oversized but nowadays a lot of people choose comfort over anything hence, why oversized tees have become more rampant than ever.

Will Graphic Tees Go Out Of Style

No, graphic tees are here to stay and aren’t going out of vogue anytime soon.


Aside from owning lots of clothes, one needs to understand how they can be styled. This article focuses on how to style graphic tees for any outing.

However, be mindful when styling your graphic tees to avoid coming out as tacky. You don’t want to appear too casual instead you need to look classy and chic.


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