How To Colour Natural Hairs- 4 Amazing Picks

How To Colour Natural Hairs

Natural Hair is the tiny strands that are grown on the scalp. Some natural hair is straight, curly, wavy, thick, soft and so on. Natural hair is mainly black and can also be brown. Many people like to attach extra materials to the hair, such as attachment, hair extensions, wigs, and so on. As people get to add varieties to their hair, so do people who like to rock their natural hair and style it uniquely and stylishly.

You can get to style your natural hair with simple plaits or mix your natural hair with colours that will keep it exciting and keep you thrilled when you have it on. In this article, let’s look at colours you can apply to your natural hairs that would be an inspiration for your new look ( if you want to have one). How To Colour Natural Hairs.

There is nothing more beautiful than rocking your natural hair. Sometimes after having to go through long weeks of making your hair with extra accessories, what your hair needs is a good treatment, and also, you get to leave your hair for a while to prevent it from hair damage such as breakages, lack of moisture, weakened strands and so on. Making tight hairstyles without the proper care can also damage the hair.How To Colour Natural Hairs.

To get through these damages, Endeavour to apply essential hair oil after the washing to avoid getting the hair dry and not in good condition. Taking care of your natural hair is all about knowing your hair type, texture, and what works best for your hair and is needed to be applied. Let’s discuss how to take care of our hair and get it to look good for an extended period. How To Colour Natural Hairs.How To Colour Natural Hairs

Ways Of Applying colours

Temporary Hair Colours

Applying temporary dye to your hair is more like you want to return to your natural hair colour as soon as possible; it’s quite the opposite.

Permanent Hair Colours

permanent dye; this is left to the hair permanently unless a change of colour is required.

Categories Of Colours For Natural Hair

There are lots of exciting colours that you can be applied to the hair. A lot of people get to apply colours to their hair for specific purposes; some may come off as fashion, some may apply depending on their mood, and some may come off as trying to change their looks ( maybe after going through a phase of life, for example, breakup, a close friend passing away ) some may come off as dares and so on. How To Colour Natural Hairs.

Some colours go perfectly along with the mood and style, ranging from bright colours to dark and dull colours. We have trendy colours such as peach, pink, white, blue, green, red, brown and orange: these colours have different shades and textures. How To Colour Natural Hairs.

In the beauty industry, a lot of changes has been made, and a lot of people have gotten to bring about new trends and style that has been incorporated into our daily lifestyle. If you’ve been thinking of changing your hair colour or trying out a new look with your hair and are still undecided, you have gotten to the right place to help you pick the perfect choice.

Getting a colour change from African black hair colour to brunette, blonde, caramel, ginger red and many more. Here are some pictures to help inspire the most of your new look. It’s advisable also to seek advice from your hairstylist to help you get the best colour that suits your style. Trending Colours For Natural Hairs.


Ginger is a colour shade reigning amongst ladies. It comes off as a pinkish shade. It can be very daring and calm when made. Ginger colour is one of the top hair colours for ladies; we often see ladies show up their ginger hair in beautiful ways like a cornrow, updo, low bun etc.

This hair can be worn in many ways, like the use of accessories to help elevate the look more and weaving the hair naturally. Ginger dye is widespread and can be gotten in any hair store. How To Colour Natural Hairs.


Purple has a lot of shades; it can be light or dark, but regardless of the shade, this is one of the fanciest hair colour changes any lady can opt for. Purple hair with a fancy white top and pants paired with heels is a go-to look for any lady. This hair colour doesn’t often limit the colour of clothes they can wear out. How To Colour Natural Hairs.How To Colour Natural Hairs


Regardless of gender, blonde is a simple and most commonly made colour. This is because of the shade; it beautifully complements any skin tone and doesn’t require much stress to come across this colour.How To Colour Natural Hairs.

Other Hair Colours;

  1. Blue
  2. Green
  3. Orange
  4. Brown etc.

How To Maintain Coloured Natural Hair

Natural Hair need to be adequately maintained with suitable materials; this can be achieved. Below are some tips for maintaining natural hair;

  • Avoid washing your hair too much.
  • Make use of moisturisers.
  • Carefully massage your hair constantly.
  • Please make use of conditioners with sheer butter and vitamins in them.
  • Avoid using shampoo with hash ingredients for the hair.
  • Make use of wide tooth combs for your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hair Dye Is Best For Natural Hair?

There are many hair dye products but knowing the best is essential; some of our picks are; adore plus, Shea moisture nourishing hair colour, creme of nature pure honey colour boost, dark and lovely ultra vibrant go intense hair dye. How To Colour Natural Hairs.

How Can I Dye My Black Hair At Home?

Using dye at home is the specific section of the hair for easy access; put on a glove to prevent it from being messy and use the right dye colour. Apply evenly around.

Should You Wash Natural Hair Before Colouring?

Before you colour your hair, you can wash it a day or two, but dyes are often applied to dry hair and then raised off before the colour process. Washing your hair days before the colouring with essential hair products helps protect the scalp and strands from coming off. How To Colour Natural Hairs.

How Often Can You Colour Natural Hair?

You can colour your hair as often as 6-8 weeks.

Is It Better To Dye Hair Wet Or Dry?

When dry, all the colour quickly absorbs perfectly into the hair and does not wash off after applying shampoo. Although applying when wet isn’t also a bad idea, it will just appear more subtle and transparent, unlike when dry.

In Conclusion:

Adding colours to your hair undoubtedly is exciting and adventurous and brings joy and comfort to people. Don’t be scared to experiment with the nice hair colours listed above and experience the satisfactory feeling you’d get from taking this bold step. Book that appointment with your hairstylist today and get to look amazing. How To Colour Natural Hairs.

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