Ankara Kaftan Style:10 Breathtaking Designs

Ankara kaftan Style has been referred to in many elegant ways like Bubu, a-shape etc. Kaftan is unisex wear and to so many people it is regarded as men’s wear. The main purpose of dressing up is always to feel confident and essentially comfortable in your attire when going out. Being fashionable always includes being free when stepping out. These can either be long or short styles also kaftan comes in form of blouse style which can be paired with long or short pants. In this article, I will be discussing various Ankara kaftan style for ladies.

Fashion is greatly inclined in our daily living it serves as a great representation of oneself. Designers also show off their creativity with dresses designed for celebrities around the world. Fashion is always not as simple as it is presumed it often requires a lot of thinking and hard work put into it and this is why it is taking over the world gradually. Ankara kaftan Style comes in many designs and at times use of embroideries mare often accommodating in this style to look elegant and classy. Kaftan is slowly becoming a major trend which has also been greatly fashion forward.

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Ankara Kaftan Style

Kaftan can be worn as casual or ceremonial wear with the use of various materials combined these can either be net, lace, silk, chiffon etc. When making a kaftan style the sleeves are often the major essential elements that make a kaftan look good. Ankara kaftan style is made for both the young and old it is not gendered biased in any way or manner and is very crucial when looking out for a style. For ladies, this is a way of diversifying from the daily English wear this is simply putting on more cultural wear and most times it is being appreciated by hosts.

When being burdened by what to wear out either for business, casual or simple get-together dates this is a means of spicing this up. With the right choice of accessories like jewellery shoes, makeup etc. kaftan is one of Africa’s oldest looks and has been in existence for decades now. Regardless of how old a style is, one needs to be able to work some magic and relate the appearance with the 21st-century style. Ankara kaftan style is a range of our cultures infused in the style and needs to be explored more.Ankara Kaftan Style

Latest Ankara Kaftan Styles 2022

There are new designs for kaftan reigning now and should be explored by all women. Kaftan also is just a simple gown style but can be elevated by making use of elegant inputs on your fabric, especially by making use of colourful fabrics like Ankara.

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Ankara Kaftan Styles With Stones

The use of stones in the Ankara kaftan style is a very new way of redefining your look. These stones are just a form of adornment that is placed on the fabric it can either be in full, on the patterns on the fabric, placed on the front of the fabric etc.Ankara Kaftan Style Ankara Kaftan Style

Dry Lace And Ankara Kaftan Styles

The lace and Ankara combo is very popular when sewing any cloth. Dry lace is a type of lace style that is however often made with holes on the body. Dry lace and Ankara is a fancy style it is advisable to select a lace that compliments the colour of the Ankara chosen to pair together.Ankara Kaftan Style

Short Ankara Katan Style

A short gown is any gown which is made to be reaching the knee or a little bit above or below the knee area. Short gown is for younger ladies who like to show off their long legs from time to time.Ankara Kaftan Style

Simple Ankara Kaftan

Simple Ankara kaftan gowns are those styles that are simply made plain and with little or no designs made on them. Simple gowns are a likewise beautiful but more reserved style of clothes.Ankara Kaftan Style

Hausa Kaftan Styles For Ladies

Hausa styles are very traditional and most times this just requires you to put on accessories that represent the culture more. Although, when sewing Hausa kaftan style one should go more for a long Ankara kaftan style with a Zara scarf for the best outcome.Ankara Kaftan Style


As a lady, owning a wide range of style set you ahead of your mates with regards to style and appearance when going out. Kaftan however is a great addition for any lady when looking for means to elevate their Ankara games this year.



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