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How To Style Ripped Jeans

How to style ripped Jeans: Jeans are one of the most commonly worn attire among people. Several new Jean trends and ideas can help stand out from others.

Jeans are of various types and shapes that would look elegant and vibrant when worn.

Ripped Jeans are common among males and females. It is a new way of spicing up your look. Some people prefer to wear more responsibility while others like to have fun and look stylish.

Ripped jeans can be bought and made in the comfort of your house. In this article, I will discuss how to style ripped jeans.

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How To Style Ripped Jeans

How To Style A Ripped Jeans

Jeans are made of high-quality fabric known as denim. This is, however, waxed to create various designs and colours of jeans out there carefully.

The most commonly worn blue jeans come either dark-tone or light-toned. Fashion intrigues men, and women like to own various styles and designs of jeans.

This is especially to stand out and spice up their appearance. Ripped jeans can also come in many ways as pats, slits, gaps, etc.

 How To Style A Ripped Jeans

To properly learn how to style ripped Jeans, you must know the different types or categories of Jeans:

  • Ripped skinny small cuts
  • Sequel ripped jeans
  • Ripped jeans with sequel cuts
  • Baggy ripped jeansHow To Style A Ripped Jeans

Depending on the type of jeans, it helps to know how to combine your outfits and what shoes, shirts, and top to put on.

Some of these jeans fit well with skinny while others with baggy jeans. Fashion keeps evolving from time to time, which is why you need to keep yourself informed by going through magazines, articles, and blogs relating to fashion topics.

There are various designers of jeans, and they ensure that high-end materials are selected; likewise, they are of sizes that would be available for ladies of various sizes to put on, either slim or chubby.

How To Style A Ripped Jeans

Over the years, jeans have been worn for many occasions and purposes like formal, casual, business casual, and many more.

Jeans can be worn by everyone, young, old, men and women, and can be categorised as the most important pieces of cloth everyone should own.

It can be paired with various blouses, shirts, and tops and also it is important to dress up to create a new look and elevate it from a simple to a classy look.

How To Style A Ripped Jeans

There is always a struggle in identifying what to wear when going out and, most importantly, how to combine your clothes.

How To Style A Ripped Jeans

How To Style Ripped Jeans With Shirts

Shirts are bottom-down fabrics that can either be plain or with strips of any kind. Shirts are unisex and seen in both males and females. When combined, it can be rocked as formal wear.

This can, however, be worn as a tucked-it shirt or thrown on a round neck, crop top, tan top, and many more.

Shorts are very easy to come across and should be one of the numerous attires in any wardrobe.

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How To Style A Ripped JeansHow To Style A Ripped JeansHow To Style A Ripped JeansHow To Style A Ripped Jeans

How To Style Ripped Jeans With Crop Tops

Ladies like to wear lightweight clothes, especially during the hot weather. As the name implies, a crop top is a cloth made to reach the navel, above or below it.

A crop top is a simple cloth made of numerous fabrics from cotton, silk, and many others. How To Style A Ripped Jeans How To Style A Ripped Jeans How To Style A Ripped Jeans

How To Style Ripped Jeans with Hoodies

Hoodies are usually worn during the cold or chilled weather. However, it has been incorporated as daily fashion wear and worn to feel warm when going out.

This can, however, go well with ripped jeans and can be worn by both men and women to any event. How To Style A Ripped Jeans How To Style A Ripped Jeans How To Style A Ripped Jeans

How to Style Ripped Jeans to Look Elegant and Classy

Wearing ripped jeans might seem tricky, but it can be elegant and stylish! Ripped jeans have tears, usually on the knees, giving a casual vibe. You can make them look classy by following a few tips.

1. Always Play With Proportions

Pair slim-fit ripped jeans with a big top or coat. Don’t wear too many baggy pieces at once; it can make you look sloppy. Avoid having too many rips in one outfit; keep it to one piece.

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2. Style Ripped Jeans with Blazer

Incorporate a structured blazer into your outfit for a polished and sophisticated appearance.

Styling Tips

    • Choose a blazer in a complementary color to your ripped jeans.
    • Opt for a well-fitted blazer to create a balanced silhouette.
    • Complete the look with heeled sandals or stilettos for added elegance.

Example: A black blazer paired with knee-ripped jeans creates a chic ensemble. Add white open-toe leather heeled sandals to enhance the overall sophistication.


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3. Wear Flared Jeans With Fitted Tops and Chic Layers

Combine flared ripped jeans with fitted tops and stylish layers for a balanced and fashionable look.

Styling Tips:

  • Choose a well-fitted top to create contrast with the flared silhouette.
  • Layer with a coat, blazer, or cardigan for added chicness.
  • Complete the outfit with black stilettos, boots, or mules for a versatile and polished appearance.

Example: Pairing blue ripped flared jeans with a bralette or crop top, layered with a coat or blazer, and finishing with black stilettos creates a trendy and balanced ensemble.

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3. Go For Cropped Ripped Jeans

Opt for ripped jeans with a cropped length for a playful and summery look.

  • Styling Tips:
    • Pair with a cropped top or blouse to highlight the jeans’ cropped style.
    • Consider open-toe sandals or chic pumps to complete the summery ensemble.

Example: Choose cropped knee-ripped jeans and pair them with a stylish cropped top. Finish the look with open-toe sandals for a casual yet put-together appearance, perfect for summer outings.

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4. Pair Skinny Ripped Jeans With a White Oversized Shirt

Create a chic and casual look by pairing skinny ripped jeans with an oversized white shirt.

  • Styling Tips:
    • Tuck in the shirt for a defined waist or opt for a half-front tuck for a relaxed vibe.
    • Complete the look with classy heels to add a touch of sophistication.

Example: Pairing skinny ripped jeans with a white oversized shirt, partially tucked in, and finishing with classy heels achieves a stylish and balanced appearance.

5. Rock Skinny Ripped Jeans with a Chunky Sweater

Achieve a cozy yet fashionable look by pairing skinny ripped jeans with a chunky sweater.

  • Styling Tips:
    • Choose a well-fitted and flattering pair of skinny ripped jeans.
    • Opt for a chunky sweater in a contrasting color or pattern.
    • Complete the outfit with beige or white stilettos and a classic handbag for a polished touch.

Example: Styling skinny ripped jeans with a chunky sweater and finishing with beige stilettos creates a chic and comfortable ensemble, perfect for colder seasons.

6. Style Ripped Jeans with Prints for a Chic Look

Elevate your ripped jeans by pairing them with printed tops, such as floral or tribal patterns.

  • Styling Tips:
    • Choose printed tops that complement the color of your ripped jeans.
    • Complete the look with open-toe sandals or stilettos for a polished appearance.

Example: Pairing ripped jeans with a floral printed top and open-toe sandals creates a chic look, suitable for various occasions.

Credit: StylePantry

7. Pair with a Shirtdress for a Polished Style

Combine ripped jeans with a shirt dress for a polished and dressier ensemble.

  • Styling Tips:
    • Opt for a shirtdress that complements the color of your ripped jeans.
    • Complete the look with open sandals or sequined stilettos for a sophisticated touch.

Example: Styling ripped jeans with a shirtdress and finishing with open sandals creates a polished and dressier appearance, suitable for more formal occasions.

Credit: StylePantry

8. Add a Feminine Touch With Accessories or Colored Jeans

Accessorize the look to add a feminine touch. Consider showing off some skin or wearing sultry fabrics like ribbed sweaters for enhanced style.

Example: Incorporate accessories like jewelry or scarves to elevate the overall appearance of ripped jeans.

Credit: StylePantry

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We must always look out for our dressings when going out. Ripped jeans are one of the numerous styles that are worn by all. It can be combined elegantly to stand out at all times. 

Remember to keep the ripped parts in check, and don’t go overboard with too many rips. Follow these tips, and you’ll look elegant in ripped jeans!

Fashion keeps evolving from time to time, and we keep trying out new designs to style ripped jeans.  


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