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200+ Fashion Brand Names

From fancy designers to large retail stores, some of the most well-known companies are those that create clothing and styles along with memorable fashion brand names.

Making your own fashion business successful can be as easy as choosing the right words.

If your clothes are always good, designed with new ideas, and a bit of good fortune, people might just buy them because of your brand name. So, you better make sure it’s a great name.

If you’ve got the perfect idea for a fashion business, the next step is finding the right name – not just any name, but one that’s clever and describes your business in a way that makes it stand out.

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How to Pick a Cool Fashion Brand Names

200+ Fashion Brand Names
Fashion Brand Names

Choosing a name for your clothing brand is an essential step in creating an identity that stands out in the fashion world.

Here are some tips for a choosing great fashion brand name for your business:

1. Choose Your Style

Start by figuring out what type of clothes you want to sell and who you’re selling them to. If it’s for kids, think about the lively and young vibe you want the name to have.

2. Visual Appeal

Keep it short and sweet. A short or abbreviated name is memorable and looks good on clothing items. Vowel-heavy or repeating letters can enhance readability.

3. Reflect Your Style

Your brand name should express your brand’s personality. Whether cheeky, edgy, or innocent, it should align with your identity. Connect with consumers by emphasizing specific apparel or material in your name.

4. Know Your Audience

Choose a name that resonates with your target audience. For a youthful vibe, repeat a word twice; for sophistication, go for a direct and purposeful name.

5. Easy Pronunciation

Opt for a name that’s easy to pronounce and share. This makes it more shareable among friends and easier to search online, crucial for word-of-mouth marketing and SEO.

6. Use Your Name

You can always name your fashion brand after you like ‘Coco Chanel’ or ‘Chloe’. If your name is short and easy to pronounce its an easy way to go.

7. Get Feedback

Share your top name choices with friends or colleagues who know fashion. Consider running polls or contests to gather feedback. Make the final decision aligning with your brand values.

8. Use a Name Generator

Try using a clothing business name generator for quick and unique suggestions. It’s a fast way to get inspired for your brand name.

9. Check Availability

Make sure the name you like isn’t already taken. Search online, check domain availability, and see if it’s registered with your country’s patent and trademark office. This avoids confusion later on.

Fashion Brand Names Ideas

Here are some creative fashion brand names you can use. You can mix and match as many names as you are inspired to:

Creative Fashion Business Name Ideas

200+ Fashion Brand Names
Fashion Brand Names

1. The Clothing Spot
2. Summer Blues Apparel
3. York & Dante
4. Trendy Dress
5. Trendy Pieces
6. Top-notch Stitch
7. Closet Exchange Co
8. Fresh Garments Pro
9. Outdoor Trends Pro
10. Sociable Style
11. Future Styles
12. Primitive Fashion
13. Sports Gear
14. Recent Trends Group
15. Forged Pro
16. Vibrant Claws
17. The Random
18. The Thoughtful
19. Neurotic Styles
20. Coming Trend

21. Proper Wear
22. Everyday Outfits
23. Gorgeous Apparel Co
24. Coordinated Trends
25. Royal Attire Place
26. Techno Chic
27. Fasten Apparel
28. Suitable Garment Spot
29. Rich Wear
30. Anticipated Couture Collective
31. Light Attire
32. The Controlled
33. Casual Wear
34. The Modern Twist
35. The Steady Dresses
36. Standard Sportswear
37. Neat Confection
38. Chic Spot
39. Crafted Clothing Pro
40. Overall Trend Pro

41. Fitting Accessories
42. Secondhand Apparel
43. Inadequate Garment Exchange Co
44. Spare Threads
45. Similar Style
46. Amicable Fashion
47. Regular Style
48. Tattered Garment Exchange Co
49. Inflationary Trends
50. The Graceful Garment
51. Unique Attire
52. Random Fashion
53. Clutch Clothing
54. Cultural Drift Exchange Co
55. Socially Trendy
56. Civilian Dressing
57. Vibrant Casual Wear
58. Best Dressed
59. The Affable
60. Likely Vogue

61. The Usual Dresses
62. Vogue Collective
63. Quality Wear
64. Expansive Fashion
65. Style Exchange Co
66. Key Style Co
67. Sociable Format
68. Coordinated Couture
69. The Traditional
70. Undercover Spot
71. Eco Trend Group
72. The Parallel Style
73. Elegant Style
74. The Improved Sportswear
75. Torn Threads Collective
76. Grandeur
77. Elegant Dress Exchange Co
78. Code Clothing
79. Linear Shift Collective
80. Handmade Attire

81. Chic Wear Exchange Co
82. The Uncommon
83. Fave
84. Bold Dress Place
85. Faction Fashion
86. Progressive Trend Pro
87. Embrace Apparel
88. Stunning Style
89. Common Wear
90. Adequate Underwear Exchange Co
91. Everyday Style
92. Camouflage Clothing

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Original Fashion Business Brand Names

1. Term Tastes
2. Tog Place
3. Stems Trends
4. ParallelTrends
5. Similar Style
6. The Everyday Historical
7. The Strange
8. Appropriate Armozeen
9. The Developmental Curve
10. Intramural Apparel
11. CustomaryFashion
12. RegionalTrends
13. Term Vogue Collective
14. Outer Wearing Apparel Place
15. Couture Group
16. Mashing Fashion
17. GloriousApparel
18. The Traditional Raiment
19. Simply Thick
20. Scanty Dress Spot
21. Drift Group

22. Spurge laurel Apparel
23. The Soft Wearing Apparel
24. Upward Tendency
25. SecularTrends
26. Coherent
27. Cashing Fashion
28. Technological Thrusts
29. Everyday Vesture Co
30. Tendency Group
31. Outer Tog Collective
32. FittingClothing
33. Channels Apparel
34. Orderly Couture Trading Co
35. Structural Curve Collective
36. Casual Timely
37. Casual Wearing Apparel Place
38. CostlyApparel
39. Comfortable Outerwear
40. Demographic Swerve Group

41. Cheap Children
42. ConsistentTrends
43. Coarse Claws
44. Indirect Mode Spot
45. Distraction Fashion
46. Goodly Hand
47. Western Wardrobe
48. Garb Place
49. Friendly Forma
50. Wear Place
51. The Brave Dress
52. Overall Fashionable
53. The Significant Tendency
54. Straightforward Apparel Place
55. Traction Fashion
56. Exploding Clothing
57. Dragon Fashion
58. UsedClothing
59. Hems Trends

60. Thick Vesture Collective
61. The Circular Style
62. Curve Co
63. Epidural Apparel
64. Fox squirrel Apparel
65. Cut Collective
66. Ragged Sleepwear Trading Co
67. Composing Clothing
68. The Conventional Couture
69. Clothe Group
70. Technological Tastes
71. Magnificent Clothes
72. RichApparel
73. Cut Place
74. Step Mode Trading Co
75. Wearing Apparel Pro
76. PlainClothing
77. Usual Forge
78. Fashionable Wearing Apparel
79. Outerwear Collective

80. Past Ideological
81. Raiment Spot
82. Civilian Coat
83. WhiteClothing
84. The Oriental Clothing
85. International
86. The Necessary Tog
87. Best Clothing
88. Customary fits
89. Warmer Wearing Apparel Co
90. English Fashion
91. Piecemeal Way Spot
92. The Dominant
93. Floral Apparel
94. Appropriate Garment
95. Developmental Drift Pro
96. The Personal

Shoe Brand Names

1. Speedster
2. Top-notch Collection
3. Enlist
4. Footwear Haven
5. SportyStride
6. Fabricate
7. SwiftSprint
8. Kickoff
9. PowerWalk
10. Rhythm

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Your business name is really important. It’s the first thing customers notice, and it tells them what your business is about. It’s like the face of your business and it helps attract the right customers.

If your name is memorable, people are more likely to remember your business. We hope this list of good fashion business name ideas can help you pick the perfect name for your brand.


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