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Cropped Blazer And Skirt: 10 Stylish Picks

Wearing  a cropped blazer and skirt,have many ways of showing off their styles in diverse ways and forms. Skirts have slowly become a major trend amongst women and are an elegant way of improving one’s wardrobe to look more radiant and stand out. Fashion is solely about being able to show off one’s diverse parts and how well to combine wear with regards to colours, accessories, shoes etc. However, we will be discussing the various ways to style your cropped blazer and skirt.

Blazars are often known as formal wear but can also be worn for casual events and many more. Blazers are of varying styles one of which is the cropped top. Over time we have seen cropped blazers being paired with other items like jeans, palazzos, skirts many others. Being fashionable starts with combining your styles and being able to identify the other aspects of fashion styles around you.

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Cropped Blazer And Skirt

Cropped items come in many ways and designs which include cropped blazers. As the name implies, this is an attire which is made to be reaching the navel area or a little bit above or below it. Cropped blazers and skirts often require the use of innerwear before they can be worn this can however be strapless, sleeveless, turtlenecks and many more. When wearing a cropped blazer And skirt more aesthetics can also be used to elevate the look more.

There is multipurpose wear like any other outfit and likewise different type of ways which it can be combined. Blazers is a V-necked with collars. this is a type of attire made in a way to flatter the chest area at times, it can be worn without an inner or with inners depending on one’s choices. To give a more classy look one can opt for colourful prints. Cropped Blazer And Skirt.Cropped Blazer And Skirt

How To Style A Cropped Blazer And Skirt

There are many ways to stand out from crows when styling your blazer, especially for a cropped blazer which is not as common in vogue compared to other types of blazers which are full length. A cropped blazer serves as a means of giving a new and elite style to fashion and styling. Below are ways to style your cropped blazer and skirt.

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Cropped blazer And Pencil Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are short wears which are typically designed to be reaching a little bit below the hips. This style is very stylish and often worn by ladies who enjoy showing off their tights. Mini skirts are regarded as casual wear and can be a proper date or hangout style.Cropped Blazer And Skirt

Cropped Blazer And Tennis Skirt

Tennis skirts have been given the name after the ideal tennis uniform this is a style worn by tennis players but has also been incorporated into the fashion world. These skirts are the mostly mini length and with tiny pleating. These pleat serves as a way of beautifying these style better especially when wearing a cropped blazer and skirt.Cropped Blazer And Skirt

Cropped Blazer And Maxi Skirts

A Maxi skirt is a long skirt and a great choice when going for a more formal look. A maxi skirt with a blazer is a great choice when going for a work meeting either casual or not. Blazer nowadays is always worn by ladies to look cool and elegant.Cropped Blazer And Skirt

Blazer For Women

There are many types of blazers for women and how they can be styled with skirts. These blazers can be worn alongside any other pants of choice. hence, check out some blazers for women.

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Wrap Crop Blazer

Wrapped blazers are a type of style that comes in form of a wrap in front. These wraps can either be with buttons at the sides or with cross designs on the chest area. Wrap blazer serves as a new look for women to step up their look asides from the daily button design.Cropped Blazer And Skirt

Button Down Crop Blazer

The use of buttons is very popular for blazers it is the eldest form of designing any blazers. Although, various places in which buttons are placed are now more varied, unlike the centre front style which is very common. Button-down cropped blazer goes well with boots, knee-high, stilettoes heels etc.Cropped Blazer And Skirt


Crops are now a trendsetting look and are an ideal style for any woman to try out. There is a more eloquent addition that can fit anyone regardless of age and event and still looks perfect. Skirts are not very common but fit well when leaning towards a more feminine style. Cropped blazers and skirts are very much a gen-z style.

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